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Jan 30 2008

Lear reviewed by Booklist

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King Lear just got a starred review from Booklist! Right now it’s on the front page of Booklistonline! I can’t stop using exclamation points!

This is huge, because Booklist is a big deal in the book industry and especially the library market (it’s a publication of the American Library Association), and it’s very rare that they would review a self-published book like Lear. Plus, it is a totally awesome review.

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Jan 25 2008

New Toy

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I just bought a tablet PC. That is, a laptop with a screen you can draw on directly with an electronic pen.

My hope is that this will be revolutionary in enabling a more digital workflow for my layouts, while freeing me from my little computer corner and my CRT. Or it might just be a big waste of time and money. But I did ask around before I took the plunge, and most people who have them seem to love them, so I’m giving it a shot. It wasn’t really any more expensive than just buying a regular laptop (granted we already have 2 laptops in the house — I’m just saying it’s not as extravagant as it might be). Another nice bonus: it will allow me to do drawing & painting demos on a projector for some of my larger school visits, and it’s lighter than the laptop I currently take on those visits.

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Jan 22 2008

School visit

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I did a lecture and two workshops for 2 classes of 7th-graders in Providence, RI today. I was a little worried about the fact that I haven’t worked much with that age group, but I think it went really well.


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Jan 21 2008

Image test

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amphora Alright, it looks like image uploading works now. Rock ‘n roll!

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Jan 21 2008

My theme song

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Warning: do not watch this more than once, or it will be stuck in your head FOREVER!!!!

I Never Go To Work

They Might Be Giants podcast: “I Never Go To Work”

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Jan 17 2008


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Welcome to my new, official blog. Thanks for stopping by. This is the test post to make sure everything is working. (edit: design has been updated to be less defaultey)

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