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Jun 30 2008

Two nice little interviews

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More will be said soon about the second of these.

Powell’s books has a pretty great website and e-newsletter, and they did a Q&A about Merchant in their most recent issue.

I did an author visit at Penn State Harrisburg last week, and the local paper was kind enough to run an interview with me. They first ran an online-only teaser, then the main body of the interview ran in the events section of the paper.

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Jun 23 2008


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The Merchant of Venice launch party went very well. A few of the cast failed to make it, but the overall turnout was quite good, and I gave a little presentation on the “making-of”, which was well-received. Now, back to work on The Odyssey!

The Merchant of Venice launch party

(note Gayle/Portia and Edwin/Salanio in the front. Gayle has cut her hair even shorter than I drew it in the court scene.)

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Jun 20 2008

Slow drawing week

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Sorry to say, between preparations for the launch party and trying to clean up the King Lear files for Candlewick to reissue it in 2009, I’ve done precious little life drawing or work on The Odyssey :(

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Jun 15 2008

More oldies

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I was recently cleaning out some old paperwork from when I worked at Helixe, and I came across these. My office had a narrow window that looked out on a small patch of lawn behind the building, and occasionally we would get flocks of geese or wild turkeys hanging out back there. They were a lot of fun to draw, and with a thick window between us, my presence only a few feet away didn’t alarm them.

Office Geese 1

Office Geese 2

A Wild Turkey

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Jun 13 2008


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I didn’t get a table or have a signing or anything, but I did get down to New York last weekend for the MoCCA comics show.

I didn’t bring my camera, but luckily we ran into our friend Cecil, who took a photo and blogged about the show.

Alison, me, and Cecil

I picked up a few good books… Supermarket by Brian Wood and La Primavera by Alexis Frederick-Frost, one of the minicomic collections by Tom Gauld, plus a cool cheese t-shirt by Lucy Knisley.

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Jun 01 2008

Mt. Auburn in June

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What a gorgeous day!

Mount Auburn sketch - crayon

I’m loving the light and shadow.

MountAuburn sketch 2 - ink & pencil

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