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Aug 21 2008

One more from the common

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This is actually from that same night that I saw Shakespeare on the Common, but I had to put a little more color on it to get it looking right.

Boston sky

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Aug 20 2008


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I delivered my first round of layouts on Monday (yay! 240 pages!!). So yesterday I took the day off to relax. I got over to Mt. Auburn for a bit in the afternoon, and did these, plus another piece that needs more love before I post it.

Mt. Auburn - trees, bushes and flowers

Mt. Auburn - monument in the trees

Incidentally, these were done using a cool new toy I picked up called a Niji Waterbrush. It’s a nylon brush with a water reservoir in the handle, which means you can do watercolor without carrying a separate water container. It’s awesomely handy, though the drawback is that you don’t have as much control of the loading & flow as you would with a regular brush.

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Aug 13 2008

Odyssey all the time

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Sorry, I haven’t been posting much because I have a nasty deadline looming. I have to deliver the Odyssey layouts to my editor next week so I can get feedback before she goes on (an inconveniently long) vacation.

I tried to record myself working on it, to show how my new layout process works. But I haven’t found the right software yet to capture video from the screen. It seems to be a tricky problem to record what I’m doing, because I draw very quickly with a very thin line, yet I don’t want the video to be enormous. The freeware I’ve tried yields too low a framerate, too big a file, and loses all detail if I downsample. Anyone have any experience with this? I suppose I may have to try zooming in on a small section and using a thicker line in order to get something that looks decent.

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Aug 03 2008

More outdoor Shakespeare

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Actors’ Shakespeare Project, my favorite Boston Shakespeare ensemble, did a reprise of their great Love’s Labours Lost production out in Harvard Square this weekend. It was just as good the second time, although a lot more distracting (ambulances, thunderstorms, smokers, etc). I also happened to meet several of the cast as well as the woman who is directing their Merchant of Venice in the fall.

I also did my first “animated” play drawing. It’s a brave new world (to quote the bard).

Love’s Labours Lost - the three-second version

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Aug 02 2008

Shakespeare on the Common

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I wasn’t terribly impressed this year. It was lighthearted and had some very funny bits, but I found myself bored more often than I should have. Oh well, it’s a huge challenge to perform a play outdoors — or then again, maybe the problem was just me.

As You Like It (the stage and audience, pre-performance)

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