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Oct 28 2008

Odyssey characters

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Probably everyone who reads this blog regularly is also aware of my Facebook page? So it will not be news that I’m working on The Odyssey, nor that I’m using photo reference of my friends as models for many of the “extras” — that is, the hundreds of named and unnamed sailors, suitors, servants, etc. who appear in the book. I’m also using some web reference for certain characters.

Once I have reference photos, I do a few loose sketches, try some different hairstyles, and then come up with character studies that look something like this:

character sketch - Mentes character sketch - Mentor?

character sketch - crewman character sketch - suitor?

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Oct 28 2008

CCS visit

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School is back in session, and I’ve been doing a few author visits. I was at the Newton Library last month, South Shore VoTech last week, did a skype interview / vodcast with Park Tudor High School, and I have upcoming appearances at the Plymouth Library and the Center for Cartoon Studies. I’m particularly excited about that last one because CCS has a lot of big-name faculty and seems to be doing everything right (even though I’m not sure anyone should be spending their money on an education specifically in making comics).

That visit will also be my first joint presentation with Alison, which I think will be very cool. We’ll be talking to all those aspiring comic creators about the realities of publishing and selling graphic novels. And getting to know the faculty too, of course.

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Oct 05 2008

Unused scene

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Wow, I’ve been bad about posting lately. I’m in a tricky transitional phase where I’m trying to get up to full production speed on the finished art for The Odyssey, while simultaneously making a few last edits to the layouts. Anyway, here’s a fun little scene I ended up cutting because it was breaking up the flow too much. It’s the flashback of young Odysseus getting his leg wounded by a wild boar on Mt. Parnassus.

Odyssey rough layout page 190 Odyssey rough layout page 191

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