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Nov 17 2010

Odyssey makes Kirkus’ 2010 Best Books for Teens list

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Nov 17 2010

More videos

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This is kind of old news now — I thought I’d posted it already — but the Boston Graphic Artists Guild has a bunch of video clips on their YouTube channel from their graphic novel event, at which I did a presentation and participated in a panel.

Link to the first clip. The rest should pop up in the sidebar.

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Nov 14 2010

Games FAQ

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When I do author visits, I talk a bit about my experiences working on video games. Kids often ask me the following questions:

1. What is your favorite game that you worked on? This (cutscene directed by Dan Thron)

2. What is your favorite game of all time? This (grandfather of Rock Band and all music games)

3. Why did you stop working on video games? The short answer is that I never really wanted to make video games, but kids these days do not believe this answer. So I have to explain about the endless unpaid “crunch” overtime, the lack of creative control, the amount of work that gets wasted and thrown away, and the fact that I get really sick of working at a computer all day. Then they ask me if I will ever go back.

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Nov 09 2010


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The reviews are in from from pretty much all the major all the major review publications, and The Odyssey has been praised across the board — three starred reviews (Kirkus, Booklist, and The Horn Book), as well as an unexpected mention in The Wall Street Journal. You can see them all on my reviews page, along with recent interviews by Publishers Weekly and Graphic Novel Reporter.


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Nov 09 2010

Teachers’ Guides

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Candlewick has written teachers’ guides for Beowulf and The Odyssey, and these are now available on their site. Direct links are as follows:

The Odyssey


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