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Sep 19 2012

More painting

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In an effort to maintain some of the momentum from the painting workshop, I went out to paint the George Washington Bridge last week. I rather like these. The reason I did two was because the first one seemed a bit too close in value, especially between the sky and the bridge.

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Sep 18 2012

Gallery hopping

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Just wanted to share a few highlights from Chelsea galleries I visited this past weekend:


Beth Cavener Stichter‘s incredible animal sculptures at Claire Oliver Gallery.

Matthew Cusick’s huge, intricate, beautiful, and slightly disturbing collages made out of old maps at Pavel Zoubok Gallery.

Shea Hembrey (known for his TED talk “How I Became 100 Artists”) – Dark Matters at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery.

Diana Al-Hadid‘s amazing dissolving sculptures at Marianne Boesky Gallery.

Trey Speegle’s clever riffs on paint-by-number at Benrimon Gallery.

The unadvertised show of Anselm Keifer’s GIGANTIC and powerful collage/assemblage landscapes made of metal, earth, burnt wood, and other unconventional materials, plus George Baselitz‘ giant humanoid sculptures,  at Gagosian Gallery (24th St location).

Kwang-Young Chun‘s large paintings and sculptures made entirely from triangular paper-wrapped packages at Hasted Kraeutler Gallery.

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Sep 17 2012

Painting Workshop on Little Cranberry Island, Maine

Alison and I just returned from a lovely 4-day weekend in Maine, where I attended a great little painting workshop with Henry Isaacs and Ashley Bryan. Henry is a landscape painter whose work I find absolutely stunning and inspiring. Ashley is inspiring to me both as a children’s book author/illustrator, a painter, and a radiant beacon of joy in the world. The workshop is organized and hosted by the Islesford Dock Gallery and Restaurant (Cynthia and Dan Lief are the wonderful proprietors). The gallery has excellent art, as I had seen on many previous visits to Islesford. The restaurant, as I discovered over the weekend, has really spectacular food — by any standard! We were fed so well I’d have to say the meals threatened to upstage the painting.

I will post a few of my paintings above the cut, and the rest below — along with a bunch of thoughts about painting that are bouncing around in my head.

Friday was a very foggy morning on the beach. Henry gave a great little demo and talk about seeing everything as solid, even the air, and treating it that way, rather than having a background with a subject in front of it. My first attempt at this was clumsy. I was using gouache, which is my favorite medium for landscape. It’s hard to cover a large surface with gouache though, and that caused some problems every time I tried to work larger than about 5×7″.

My second attempt used too complex a subject, and while I like this piece, it feels more like a drawing than a painting, and more like my habitual approach than what I was going for.

After that I did some pieces that caught parts of what I was after.

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Sep 14 2012

Literary Lights Video

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This video is edited way down, so a lot of great stuff is on the cutting room floor, but what remains still gives a glimpse of a very fun event.

Pam Munoz Ryan, MT Anderson and Kate DiCamillo all gave wonderful speeches which are barely hinted at, and Annabell’s intro was also particularly good. Oh well. At least you get to see me draw.

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