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Apr 10 2013

MoCCA 2013

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I had a great time last Saturday at MoCCA. I think the Society of Illustrators did a good job picking up the ball and running with it, keeping a great show great. They added some lovely touches like a cafe and an original art show. The programming didn’t excite me all that much, but I rarely get to most of the panels anyway because I find it takes most of the day to see what’s at the tables.

Even so, I always feel like I miss a lot. For example I missed most of the pieces selected for ‘best of show’ type prizes this year. But here are a few things I bought or noted I need to get later.

Seven Samurai prints and art book by

I heard sold out of her new book, Relish, and I can’t say I’m surprised, as it’s beautiful.

Unfortunately missed this year.

“The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology” from Ninth Art Press and members of the Boston Comics Roundtable, Jesse Lonergan and Dan Mazur

There’s a giant pile o’ books I need to buy from Self Made Hero, especially their Don Quixote.

Top Shelf is now officially so cool they don’t need a sign over their table.

Met the brilliant Gabrielle Bell and got her new book The Voyeurs.

…and much more!

That’s a small sample of the highlights as I saw ’em. Bottom line, MoCCA continues to be a great show, with more gorgeous work on display than you can shake a stick at.

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