Jul 02 2008

More about Pennsylvania

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So yeah, as mentioned in the last post, I did an author visit at Penn State Harrisburg for their summer writing program. Actually two writing programs, one for kids and one for adults. I was a pretty big hit, or so it seems from the feedback.

This blog tool is too clunky for uploading a large number of photos, so I’m going to start a new Flickr account for this sort of thing with the username garethhinds. (You know what I hate about Flickr, though? Photos appear in reverse order unless you go to the set.)

Of course I also did some sketching, and here are a few samples. Arguably one of the best features of Harrisburg is the lovely path along the river:

Sketches of Harrisburg’s river walk

Some more from the river, and some plants at Ashcombe’s nursery:

More sketches from PA

The nursery also has bunnies (with too-cute names)!


These are from the Railroad Museum of PA in Lancaster:

Sketches from the Train Museum

And you know what else is in Lancaster — lots of Amish! Seriously, I mostly didn’t draw the Amish themselves, as they have this thing about graven images (guess I won’t be joining that religion, bucolic as it may be!). But drawing their horses, barns, and buggies I have no problem with.

Sketches of Amish country

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