Sep 06 2008

Odyssey progress

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Finished the first round of edits on the Odyssey layout. I think it’s pretty solid, though I’m still wrestling a bit with the last couple of pages. The original ending is abrupt, and I’m trying to make mine a little less so, but it’s not easy. The total page count right now is 242. Yikes!

I created a Facebook group, called “Odyssey Helpers and Officionados” (yes, I mis-spelled that — I mean no, it’s a new word I made up!). If you’re interested, please join. Benefits currently include a chance to be in the book, and to chat with me and my friends/fans.

I still can’t share much Odyssey art, but here’s one of the layout sketches from the end of the book.

A rough layout sketch of Odysseus’ father Laertes throwing a spear at Eupithes

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