Nov 13 2011

NY Sketchbook backlog

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Yesterday I had a brunch with a bunch of Otherworld folks, after which I was planning to head over to draw at the open house at Dalvero Academy, which is run by friends and fellow Dave Passalacqua disciples Ronnie and Margaret. However, the trains were somewhat messed up, and the brunch ran late, and when I got outside I found myself standing at the edge of Central Park with the last brilliant pre-sunset light making the fall foliage (yes, we get that here) glow with brilliant colors, and I thought, sorry Ronnie, I’m just going to sit down and draw this.

Then I went home and scanned a bunch of stuff from this sketchbook — which, as it happens, I started right after moving to NY, and which contains a few nice sketches I don’t think I’ve shared yet. First, there’s The Cloisters:

And two views of the trees and gate house at Fort Tryon Park:

Then the crowd at a Weepies concert we went to:

Then some sketches from the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met:

And finally a couple of sketches from the African exhibit I went to around the same time (it appears this is still up through January).

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  1. Hellion Wheelson 17 Nov 2011 at 10:53 am

    G-Thanks for sharing. I really love the idea of carrying a sketchbook around (even as a non-artist.) It puts the viewer in the moment in a way a photo can’t. Maybe again when my kid is older… -HUM

  2. adminon 21 Nov 2011 at 2:49 pm

    Thanks! I feel naked without my sketchbook!

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