Nov 15 2008


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We did our presentation at the Center for Cartoon Studies a few days ago, and it was great! It’s a lot of fun to talk to folks who want to know about all the nuts and bolts. We discovered that 2 hours was not nearly enough time for both of us to share all the info we wanted to. They are already talking about bringing us back next year, and giving us two hours each.

Here’s the CCS front window:

CSS front window

Here’s Alison doing her talk. If some of the students look zoned, that’s because I already talked to them for an hour and a quarter. Plus they’re all cartoonists, so they can’t not doodle.

Alison presents at CCS

Here’s me in front of the CCS museum/library with Alec Longstreth, who organized the visit. The reason he has a huge beard is that he decided not to shave until he finishes his 200-page graphic novel. And apparently this is only 3 months of growth!

Me and Alec at the CCS library/museum

Next week I’ll be presenting at the NH Creative Club, open to the public (with a $15 cover charge, I believe, to cover the cost of the venue). For more details see my Facebook page.

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