Nov 21 2008

ASP’s Merchant of Venice

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As usual, Actors Shakespeare Project did a great job with their Merchant of Venice. You should go see it — it’s up until December 7th. I particularly enjoyed the over-the-top performances of Jeremiah Kissel as Shylock and Michael Forden Walker as Gratiano.
I did a few sketches and started on an animated micro-version of the play, like the one I did for Love’s Labours Lost. But my schedule for The Odyssey is so tight at the moment that I’m not sure when I’ll be able to finish it. So here, at least, is the first shot.

Opening scene of ASPThe Merchant of Venice

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    […] capsule version of The Merchant of Venice, from my sketches of ASP’s performance a few months ago. I’m very excited that they are going to let me come and draw at their dress rehearsals […]

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