Aug 14 2012

The Hand-book sketches

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It’s been a while since I posted. I delivered Romeo & Juliet back in June, but apparently scanning art and updating the blog is pretty low on my list of priorities when I have my choice of what to work on. Mostly I have been chipping away at some of my original scripts, which I hope will turn into full-on projects one of these days.

But anyway, here I am, and I though I’d scan and share the contents of one of my current sketchbooks. It’s a cool little book with very nice paper and an elastic band to keep it closed. I like to carry it around in the cargo pocket of my convertible pants (does anyone besides me actually convert them from pants to shorts and vice versa?) so I always have it with me. I present the contents (thus far) in full, with a few comments on the drawings. The ones which are in the wrong orientation link to larger, rotated versions.


I usually do a little title page, for fun and in case the first page gets smudged against the cover:

Some random doodles and thoughts:

Central Park:

Some notes from the Museum of Art & Design, plus park sketches.

The next few pages are from The Cloisters:

A cool building in my neighborhood:

People on the bus:

More bus sketches, plus views of my local park:

The amazing work of Beth Cavener Stichter in a Chelsea gallery:

Cute pug, and cute goats (on Governor’s Island.)

Governor’s Island Jazz Age Dance Party:


Maine, near Owl’s Head Light House:

Rockland breakwater:

Cafe sketches with new brush pen:

Fort Tryon Park:

Sometimes I like a little abstraction:

This is how I sometimes study comics I admire. At some point I will do a full post just about this:

Kids and parents playing in the park:

The NY Classical Theater‘s excellent outdoor performance of Twelfth Night.


Brooklyn Botanic Garden:

Project Runway, how I missed you 😉  After watching episode 1 I got a sudden urge to sketch bizarre outfits:

Abstract brush-pen compositions, and a few subway sketches:

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  1. Lornaon 14 Aug 2012 at 10:26 pm

    Thanks for posting! my favorites include ROBIN!!, brush pen, cafe, Project Runway!

  2. Beccaon 21 Aug 2012 at 8:20 am

    Beautiful! Lovely to see some the images in that mind of yours. Thanks for sharing.

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