Dec 14 2008

Comicazi show recap

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Having a lunch break at the Comicazi show

Well, today was the Comicazi show I mentioned in my last post, and it was okay. The crowd was actually pretty good, though for the most part they were spending minimally. Don’t know if that was demographic or a sign of the economy, but I wasn’t the only one who had that impression. I sat next to an old convention pal, Karl, who does beautiful, meticulously crosshatched pen & ink books. I chatted with my pals from the Boston Comics Roundtable, who do a nice anthology called Inbound. And in the plentiful downtime, I did a lot of sketching (both digital and traditional – more below the cut).

sketches from Comicazi - 1

Comicazi show sketches - digital (Illustrator)




Comicazi show sketches - 6

Comicazi show sketches - 7

Comicazi show sketches - 8

Comicazi show sketches - 9

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