Oct 28 2013

Plein-Air painting in Maine

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I enjoyed the Islesford Painting Workshop so much last year that I decided to go again. It was a rather different experience this time, partly due to completely different weather, but still excellent.

The first day we had heavy rain and fog —  all day :-(  We painted from inside the Dock Restaurant / Gallery, and attempted to capture the solidity of the fog. Day two was still foggy but at least we could change locations a bit. Day 3 was glorious, for which Henry apologized several times (the man has a New England sense of humor and a deadpan delivery).

Here’s a gallery of all the pieces I did in two and a half days. Many of these I am thinking of as sketches for later paintings (which I’ll probably never get around to), or as somewhat unfinished works. The thing about goauche, though, is you can’t really work back into it very easily; so more than likely they will just stay as they are, sacrificing “doneness” in favor of (hopefully) a bit of that nice plein-air freshness.

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  1. Elaynaon 10 Apr 2014 at 10:15 pm

    Gareth! Wonderful! I love seeing these sketches and what you think/feel about them. I am starting to experiment with watercolor so I’m finding it very helpful to look at yours! Also, hope things are well. We need to coordinate something soon!

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