Jun 19 2014

e-Books are here! Also Macbeth and MailChimp

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First, I have delivered Macbeth, and it is scheduled for release in May 2015 from Candlewick Press. I really think you’ll like it. It’s as dark, atmospheric, claustrophobic, bloody and eery as I could make it. I’ll let you know when the release date approaches and the book is available for pre-order.

Second, I’m excited to announce that all of my titles are now available as e-books. They are currently available via Apple iBooksGoogle PlayKobo, and within a week or so, B&N Nook. By Summer’s end they will also be on the school/library subscription services Hoopla and Tumblebooks, and probably on Comixology and several other platforms as well. (If there’s a particular platform on which you want to see my books, please let me know so I can [a] pursue it, and [b] let you know when/if it happens.)

Kobo, Nook, and Google Play Books are cross-platform apps, so they’re available on pretty much all e-readers, including Apple and Kindle devices. (I won’t be working with Amazon directly, for several reasons including the current Hachette dust-up — though Amazon now owns Comixology). If you’re wondering which method nets me the most money per sale, that would be either iBooks or Kobo. Kobo also lets you set up your account such that you can support your independent bookstore of choice with each purchase, which is awesome.

If assistive technology is important to you, I’m happy to say that most of my titles have “live” text so they should support whatever features the reader software provides. The only exceptions are The Collected Beowulf (because it’s hand-lettered), and King Lear on iBooks/Kobo (the ePub format can’t handle some of the fancy text formatting so I had to flatten it).

Personally, I love a physical book, and that is pretty much always my format of choice. But I think the current generation of tablets offers quite a good reading experience, and perhaps you or someone you know would like to save money, trees, weight, bookshelf space, or replacement costs by getting my books electronically. Now you can! Or, if you want to buy my physical books, check out my store page.

There are two other things you could do if you want to help me out: first, writing a quick online review (on any of these e-book services or on Amazon) will help others find my books. Second, if you know teachers or students who are transitioning to using tablets for schoolwork, you might pass the word along to them.

Lastly, I’m creating a new mailing list via MailChimp. You can sign up below (and for smaller, more frequent updates, please follow me on Twitter.)

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