Dec 03 2009


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Last week I was on the road, in good old PA, for both business and leisure.

First there was the Annual Convention of the National Council of Teacher of English, my favorite show, which was in Philly. This is the first year that Candlewick has sent me officially, which was pretty sweet in that everything was paid for and I got some fancy dinners. However, I kind of missed being on the show floor all weekend as I have in the past. Even though that’s exhausting, it’s just fabulous to meet so many teachers, almost all of whom are excited about my books! I still got a lot of that excitement, but I didn’t have a chance to meet quite as many teachers this year.

During our day off from the show, we went to see Eastern State Penitentiary, which is awesome, and then to the Philly Zoo, which is aging but quite cool. We didn’t have much time at the zoo before they closed, so we mostly just saw primates. And lions. Drawings below.

After the show, we stayed in the area and had Thanksgiving with Alison’s parents. Now I’m back, and trying to finally finalize the Odyssey cover.

Eastern State Penitentiary 1

LOTS more drawings below the cut:

Eastern State Penitentiary 2

Eastern State Penitentiary 3

Eastern State Penitentiary 5

Eastern State Penitentiary 6

Eastern State Penitentiary 7

Eastern State Penitentiary 8

Eastern State Penitentiary 9

Eastern State Penitentiary 10

Philadelphia Zoo 1

Philadelphia Zoo 2

Philadelphia Zoo 3

Philadelphia Zoo 4

Philadelphia Zoo 5

Philadelphia Zoo 6

Philadelphia Zoo 9

Philadelphia Zoo 10

Philadelphia Zoo 11

Philadelphia Zoo 12

Philadelphia Zoo 13

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