Apr 05 2008

Great press for Merchant!

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I got some really nice advance press for The Merchant of Venice (which comes out May 15th). First and most impressive, a starred review in Kirkus! This is basically the perfect review, as it starts out “Of late, there have been many unsuccessful attempts to adapt Shakespeare into the graphic-novel format; Hinds’s beautiful new offering now sets the standard that all others will strive to meet.” How about that???

I also got a more mixed, but still basically positive, review in Booklist; and I was interviewed in Ingram’s twice-yearly graphic novel supplement (Ingram is the largest book wholesaler in the US).

This bodes well :-)

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  1. Mikeon 08 May 2008 at 8:38 pm


    Quite right, too! I love this book. Adapting Shakespeare is a big trap for young players! I love the way you have compressed the text. The plot is strong, swift and clear. The great speeches are there for us to enjoy, along with some wonderful throwaway Shakepearean wit.

    I also like the mix of the Venice backdrop, which give a strong historical feel, offset by the modern look of the characters, their clothing, their expressions, their faces.

    Also, I enjoyed the change of pace from Beowulf, which worked in part because of the very physical, sinewy and action-packed visuals. This one uses the cool greys and blues to very stylish effect.

    The taut dialogue and sharply defined illustration makes this a pleasure to read, look and hold.

    I hope the book has a long and happy life!

  2. adminon 10 May 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Thanks for the kind words! And it’s also nice to know the book has made its way to the other side of the world already.

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