May 21 2010

Honeymoon – Paris Day 2

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We slept really late, and then got off to a slow start, having breakfast in the apartment and looking at guidebooks and such, so Day 2 turned out to be kind of short.

We swung back by Notre Dame. Right across the river is the famous bookstore Shakespeare & Co. (about which I’m sure Alison will eventually blog at length, so I’ll say no more about it)

Then we went to a nearby flower market where they also have birds and other animals on Sundays (like these adorable sleeping ferrets).

I drew this cool old church in the neighborhood.

We headed over the the Arab World Institute, a very cool building with patterned metal shades that iris open and closed like camera shutters.

Unfortunately they were closed, so we went on to the Jardin des Plantes (Botanical Garden), where I sat and drew for a while while Alison watched the kids playing. They have a pretty horrifying sculpture next to the playground, of a bear mauling a hunter and his bear cub prey. I guess the message is something like “don’t mess with my kids or I’ll rip your head off.”

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