Sep 28 2011

ASP’s Twelfth Night

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Since I moved to NY I’ve been missing the opportunity to attend ASP‘s dress rehearsals and do sketches of each show. But this time I happened to be in Boston for dress rehearsal night, and made a point of attending. Without further ado, here are the sketches. I would like to color some of them, but right now my schedule is too crazy (why is the fall always like this??), so I probably won’t get to it. Most are drawn traditionally, but some of the ones toward the end were done with Sketchbook Pro.

The show is up until Oct. 22nd, and I definitely recommend it.

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Sep 10 2011

Doodle post of the day – Sinister Whale

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Sep 09 2011

Cartooning isn’t all fun and games, kids

Section of coffered barrel vault celing I’m working on for the party scene in Romeo & Juliet:

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Aug 22 2011

First star for my newest book

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Gifts From the Gods, my soon-to-be-released mythology picture book with Lise Lunge Larsen, just received a starred review in today’s issue of Publisher’s Weekly. Sweet!

Hinds incorporates graphic novel–style elements into his dynamic illustrations, including dialogue balloons and filmic perspectives. A treat for myth lovers and language lovers alike…

(I wonder if “filmic” is a real word.)

You should be able to pre-order the book now from Amazon or (preferably) your favorite independent bookseller. It will not be in comic shops, as it is more like a picture book than a graphic novel.

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Jul 11 2011

Beautiful description of The Odyssey

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I won’t exactly call this a review, because it’s something else. But it’s truly lovely, thoughtful, and extremely gratifying in its specific praise of sequences from the book.

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May 24 2011

One Odyssey video to rule them all

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I was asked to create an Odyssey video that summarizes my whole process, incorporating shorter bits of all my other videos as well as concept art. You can watch it below or click through to see it larger on YouTube.

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May 16 2011

Antony and Cleopatra

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Since I moved to NY, I haven’t been able to attend all the Actor’s Shakespeare Project shows like I used to (for past shows click here and scroll past the honeymoon stuff). However, I did manage to get to their current production of Antony and Cleopatra. It was in an actual theater, unlike many of their shows. I think ASP perhaps failed to overcome some of the problems of pacing and structure in this play, and it probably didn’t help in this case that they were using a small number of actors to play a large number of incidental characters on both sides of a war. It was a bit hard to follow at times. However, where this play really shines is in the depiction of the two title characters — and in particular the complex character of Cleopatra, which was played VERY effectively by Paula Plum. Also noteworthy was their “reenactment” of the naval battle of Actium.

The show is up for just a few more days, so hurry if you want to catch it.

Unfortunately for me this wasn’t a dress rehearsal, it was a regular performance, and they kept the lights very low, so basically (except for the first drawing which I did before the lights went down) these are all blind contour drawings. The thing about blind contours is that they can be pretty interesting, but are seldom flattering. So with apologies to the actors, here’s what I got.


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May 09 2011

Donation update and Etsy store

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The Odyssey page I donated to Atlantis Books was bought, and the store saved (my contribution helped a little bit, I’m sure, but someone swooped in with a HUGE donation at the end of the fundraiser and really saved the day). Anyway, yay! Now I can continue to dream of visiting there… one of these days.

As I mentioned, I also donated an Odyssey page to the ABC silent auction. They have posted a slideshow of the impressive array of work in the auction, here. My piece is about halfway through, or jump directly to it here.

I also opened my Etsy shop, which will soon have Odyssey pages for sale. In the meantime I put up some fun little gouache paintings I’ve done in the last few weeks (as things in the city have been blooming like crazy).

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Apr 23 2011


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I’m currently enamored with this book, which I picked up at the Million Year Picnic the other day (when I was in Boston for fun author visits and un-fun dental work).

Love the linework, love the colors, love the lettering. The story is… perhaps not really a story by some standards, but holds up well enough to keep me loving the book. I think I will read it again tomorrow.

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Apr 18 2011

Odyssey originals

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I’m donating a page of original art from The Odyssey to the funding drive to save Atlantis Books.

I will also be donating a page to the ABC auction at Book Expo, and I hope to have some pages available via Etsy very soon. In the meantime, if you are keen to buy a particular page from the Odyssey originals, feel free to email me.

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