Mar 10 2010

Bird studies

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Here are some studies I did in preparation for carving a bird stamp.

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Mar 09 2010

Random concept

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I’m not quite sure who these two guys are, but they may show up in a story at some point.

(ArtRage and Photoshop)

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Mar 08 2010

Spring is in the Air!

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Today it was beautiful and warm enough to go walk around and paint in Mt. Auburn Cemetery! We got a late start, so I just did this one piece, in gouache and pastel pencil. I didn’t really capture the nature of the tree, but I did more or less get the color, which is what I was primarily after.

(You may see some similarity to this piece from January.)

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Mar 03 2010


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This drawing is of a kitsune, a Japanese fox spirit with magical powers. Colored pencil, with a little digital touch-up.

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Mar 02 2010

Old Sketch of the Day #9 – Cubist bus sketch

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Mar 01 2010

Celtic Gladiator

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As part of my practice drawing horses and painting digitally, I did this Celtic gladiator piece:

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Feb 26 2010


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Mustn’t leave out men’s fashion, by which of course I mean James Bond. This was done with Photoshop and ArtRage.

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Feb 25 2010

Old Sketch of the Day #8: Cowgirl

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I’ve always liked this little sketch, and a few people saw it recently and said I should do more with/like it. Sounds good — want to help me brainstorm some story ideas for this cowgirl?

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Feb 23 2010

Fashion drawing 2 – bathing suit model

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I don’t like this one as much as the girl with the coat, but I’m still enjoying this technique for working with ArtRage.

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Feb 22 2010

fashion & technique

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I’ve got it into my head to do some kind of fashiony illustrations. Why?

1. It’s something completely different.

2. I’m messing around with techniques, some of which seemed to evoke this sort of subject matter.

3. It involves pretty girls, which (as a subject for drawing) is a weakness of mine in both senses of the phrase.

Here’s one. This was done with ArtRage.

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