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Aug 11 2015

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Today is featuring an article I wrote about my process (in general, with specific focus on Macbeth). They also have a short audio clip I recorded about my approach to The Odyssey.

Poe status update: 1 month to go! Also, listening to The Iliad again in preparation for jumping into that.

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Jan 28 2013

Great review

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Wow, talk about being in good company! The review is very flattering in its own right, and supports my belief that The Odyssey is not just a ‘boy book’…

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May 03 2012

The Odyssey in Korean

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I got an awesome surprise package in the mail yesterday. A box from Candlewick which turned out to contain 4 copies of my first translated edition: The Odyssey in Korean!

I suspect prose authors feel the same excitement when they get a copy of their book with an unfamiliar cover and a foreign title, but then of course the interior is completely impenetrable. With a graphic novel, on the other hand, I get to see my own artwork interspersed with cool Korean pictographic text and — best of all — sound effects. It’s *so* cool to see what they did with the sounds.


Then again, maybe the impenetrable wall of foreign text is cool:

So now the question is, do I have any readers out there who are fluent in Korean? If so, would you like a free copy of The Odyssey (on the condition that you read it and tell me what you think of the translation)?

By the way, the publisher is Prooni Books. For some reason Google Translate doesn’t work on their site.

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Jul 11 2011

Beautiful description of The Odyssey

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I won’t exactly call this a review, because it’s something else. But it’s truly lovely, thoughtful, and extremely gratifying in its specific praise of sequences from the book.

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May 24 2011

One Odyssey video to rule them all

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I was asked to create an Odyssey video that summarizes my whole process, incorporating shorter bits of all my other videos as well as concept art. You can watch it below or click through to see it larger on YouTube.

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May 09 2011

Donation update and Etsy store

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The Odyssey page I donated to Atlantis Books was bought, and the store saved (my contribution helped a little bit, I’m sure, but someone swooped in with a HUGE donation at the end of the fundraiser and really saved the day). Anyway, yay! Now I can continue to dream of visiting there… one of these days.

As I mentioned, I also donated an Odyssey page to the ABC silent auction. They have posted a slideshow of the impressive array of work in the auction, here. My piece is about halfway through, or jump directly to it here.

I also opened my Etsy shop, which will soon have Odyssey pages for sale. In the meantime I put up some fun little gouache paintings I’ve done in the last few weeks (as things in the city have been blooming like crazy).

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Apr 18 2011

Odyssey originals

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I’m donating a page of original art from The Odyssey to the funding drive to save Atlantis Books.

I will also be donating a page to the ABC auction at Book Expo, and I hope to have some pages available via Etsy very soon. In the meantime, if you are keen to buy a particular page from the Odyssey originals, feel free to email me.

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Mar 18 2011

Feeling the Love

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Holy cow! Not only did The Odyssey win the first round and advance in the Battle of the Books, but this is definitely one of the most beautiful reviews I have ever received. Thank you, Karen Hesse!

I attribute my win to the good wishes of many wonderful fans — especially Mike Lewis’ class at Deer Hill School. I recorded a tiny video message for their Read Your Heart Out Day celebration, and they came back with this. Mike and his kids totally rock.

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Nov 09 2010


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The reviews are in from from pretty much all the major all the major review publications, and The Odyssey has been praised across the board — three starred reviews (Kirkus, Booklist, and The Horn Book), as well as an unexpected mention in The Wall Street Journal. You can see them all on my reviews page, along with recent interviews by Publishers Weekly and Graphic Novel Reporter.


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Nov 09 2010

Teachers’ Guides

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Candlewick has written teachers’ guides for Beowulf and The Odyssey, and these are now available on their site. Direct links are as follows:

The Odyssey


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